Stroller tips

There are different kinds of strollers available.
It is never an easy task to determine which one is more suitable,
especially to the new parents.

In Capella, we believe that the major concern is
protect to babies and the convenience in using.
Here, we provide some tips for you!

As for Protect to Babies

01. Comply to international standards

International standards, for example, American Safety Standard ASTM F833, sets strict requirements to ensure safety setting.

02. Full-cover canopy

A full-cover canopy protects babies from UV ray and provides a nice environment for babies to have a nap under the sunshine.

03. One touch 5 points harness

With one touch 5 points harness, babies always stay in the stroller with the correct position.

04. Full reclining seat

A full reclining seat is comfortable and functional. Your baby can sit with upright position and sleep with the reclining position.
It is extremely important for new born babies.

05. Large and wide wheels

A stroller is like a small car. It needs to move on the street. Walking with large and wheels are definitely more stable.

06. Ventilation window

This is not just for better ventilation, but also as a window you can see your little ones from time to time.

As for Convenience to Parents

01. Big basket

Some parents put their bags on the stroller with a hook. Actually, Capella do not suggest this way of using stroller because it makes the stroller unbalance and in danger of turning. Instead, we provides big basket underneath the seat to carry heavy items.

02. Weight of Stroller

It depends on the usual mode of travelling. Travelling with light weight stroller is easier when you are going up or down stairs and in transportation. However, usually, light weight strollers are not as comfortable and stable as big ones as there are less components.

03. One hand folding and opening

In going up stairs and in transportation, you will have to fold up the strollers in one hand and carry you baby on the other hand. One hand folding and opening system allows you to finish this easily.

04. Adjustable handle

With adjustable handle, users with different height can place the handle at their most suitable positon. This mitigates shoulder and waist pressure from long-period stroller using.

05. Four Swivel wheel

Strollers with four swivel wheels moves smoothly when the handle is placed in the reversed direction.

Other factors

01. Reversible handle

With reversible handle, you can have face-to-face interaction with your little babies.

02. Fabric design

Nice colour and fabric design bring joy to babies and parents.

03. Storage Size

Strollers in compact size are easier to be stored at home or at the back of your car.